Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wonderful Website!

I just found this website via Pinterest and I was curious about it, so I went to check it out! I watched the little video and I got really excited! Here's the website...


Some of the great features include:
It's free!
It's a great way to differentiate instruction!
You can track students' performance!
It's  contains Math and Reading practice aligned to Common Core Standards! In fact, they are listed on the screen next to each activity!
It has a way for you to communicate with your students on screen!

It is designed for grades 1-3, so if you teach upper grades this probably won't work out for you. :( If you teach Kindergarten, you may find ways that you could possibly use it for your kiddos!

Let's just say, so far I'm impressed! I've already created my free account and will add my students' names once I get my class list on August 20th! (WAY too close!) I'm eager to use it in my classroom this year!

What are you waiting for? Go check it out, get signed up and let me know what you think!!  


Holly Kaczmarek

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