Monday, August 6, 2012

Mouth-Watering Monday!

I love my crockpot! I think it's a great tool for teachers (and other working moms) because it's a great way to prepare a meal while at work all day. That way, when you come home exhausted, the dinner is already prepared and you can just enjoy and relax!  I especially love recipes for my crockpot that just require me to dump everything in it, walk away and the food tastes like I've spent all day in the kitchen preparing it!

Today's mouth-watering recipe is exactly what I've described for you above! A friend of mine found this recipe for Chicken and Dumplings via Pinterest and told me about how awesome (and easy) it was. So, as soon as I got home I repinned it to my Pinterest board "Crockpot Creations" and made it a few days later. This Chicken and Dumplings recipe is one of our new family favorites! In fact, it's what my husband and I will be enjoying for dinner tonight! Yummy! I hope you enjoy it to!

This recipe actually came from! They have many other great recipes too! Go check out their website, you won't be disappointed!

Holly Kaczmarek

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