Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some New Classroom Organization!

I think I am a pretty organized person and teacher, but every year I try and learn from the previous one and get myself even a little more organized. It usually starts with a piece a furniture and a few KRAZY ideas that I've found along the way! This year is no different.

Towards the end of the year last year, I noticed that the bookshelf that housed my printer/copier/scanner was starting to fall apart. Boo! I thought I might still be able to make it work, but after checking it out a few weeks back, it will no longer support my printer/copier/scanner. Of course, I could have just went out and bought the same bookcase at Walmart or Target, but that's not what I wanted to do. I had yet another KRAZY idea...

I remembered that one of my former colleagues had a small, narrow table behind her desk that helped keep her organized and her desk clutter free. I also remember telling her how much I liked it. I decided that's what I was going to go out hunting for because I could put my printer/copier/scanner on it, but I could also put my lesson plan binder on it which would keep it off of my Guided Reading table! If you remember I do not have a desk (my choice) and my Guided Reading table (which also serves as my desk) would fill up quickly each day. My lesson plan book always sat there too, just getting in my way or getting buried! I decided that having a table like hers would solve many of my problems.

I started by taking measurements in my classroom to ensure that what I bought would actually fit the small, narrow space. Here is what I found:

Room Essentials  Parsons Desk - Black  
$35 at Target! Perfect!

I also planned on displaying my lesson plan binder on a cookbook stand based on another idea found on Pinterest. However, I only liked the way it looked (and the space it took up) when it was closed. (This is a great idea, but it just didn't work for me personally. Maybe you will like it!)

Pinned Image
(This idea came from Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site. She has an awesome site and you should really go see her fabulous ideas!)

I decided that I would just lay my lesson plan binder down on my new table, and use this other organizational tip (which I found last summer via Pinterest and have been thinking about ever since) behind it instead. I think it's more me, check it out...

Pinned Image

I would like to say thank you to Miss Kindergarten for sharing this great organizational tip! I will have to let you all know how it works out for me this year.

In case you are wondering, I bought a "Locker Crate" at Walmart today for $5 or $6 that I plan on using to create this lovely organizational tool for my classroom. (There were some cute colors!) Miss Kindergarten attached her plans to the front via the rings, but I don't think that will work out for me. Instead, I plan on attaching my calendar to the front. I will post pictures of my newly organized area when it's ready!


Here's a glimpse of my new table...

I'm one happy lady!

Holly Kaczmarek

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