Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Really Cute Ideas For Word Walls...

While at a Workshop last week, my colleagues and I explored the school to see the great ideas that the teachers at Caleb's Creek Elementary had to share. I believe all of these photos came from First Grade classrooms and I wish I knew all the teacher's names so that I could give them each the credit they deserve. We all thought the way they created their Word Walls were awesome! We are going to adopt/adapt this strategy in our classrooms. Some of us said we were going to redo our Word Walls like these, or that we would like to make our Word Family charts this way! So cute!

Another thing that we LOVED was this Writing poster below. We thought it would be great to post this in our classrooms to show the students (and parents that stop in) the difference between a Level 4 writer and a Level 1 writer.

While there I also liked the way this teacher posted the NC Standards around her classroom...

I hope you enjoy these ideas as much as we did!!

Holly Kaczmarek

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