Sunday, July 17, 2011

My love for Post-Its!

If you love Post-It's as much as I do, stop on over at Create*Teach*Share! She's having a Post-It Linky Party and also a Giveaway! How do you use Post-It's in your classrooms?

Create Teach Share

Here are some of my ideas...

For the teacher:
I like to leave myself notes everywhere with Post-It's.
1. I leave them near my computer to remind me to email a parent, a new website/blog I want to check out, a new password, etc. I also found it helpful to move all of my Post-It's with passwords and important websites into a file folder that I keep near my computer.
2. I also use Post-It's to write down what I would do differently on a lesson in the future. (Easy Self reflection too!) I either put those Post-It's in my actual Lesson Plan book, or with the activity itself, or sometimes both places.
3. Speaking of Lesson Plan Books, I also place Post-It's in my plan book when we have a change in our regular schedule. For instance if we have Guidance, and Assembly or my students fav... Book Buddies! It's just like an extra heads-up for me!

For the students:
1. I like to use them in my Guided Reading groups for various things. Sometimes I write down a question that the students need to "Read to find out" other times I ask them to write down unknown words so that we can talk about them (I do this before and after the lesson depending on the level of the group).
2. I also like to use them as bookmarks for both Guided Reading groups and Silent Reading.

I can't wait to hear how else you use Post-It's in your classrooms!!! :)

Holly Kaczmarek


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